Standards of Performance

At Williamson Medical Center, we seek excellence. In fact, we publicly have identified six areas to which we strive to achieve excellence, and the Medical Center is committed to these “Pillars of Excellence”—Service, Quality, Growth, People, Finance and Community.

The performance standards will make these values visible in our attitudes and in our work. They are used to guide our behavior in creating and maintaining a culture and practice of outstanding service to employees, physicians, patients and families, and our community. Many of the standards come second nature to us; they are examples of courtesy and caring that we learned from an early age. However, adopting them as required behaviors provides clear expectations to every employee and volunteer. Their continued practice will lead us to excellence as a habit.


We take special care to keep ourselves and others safe.

  • Uses all safety measures, devices, and systems provided. Never circumvents safety measures that are in place.
  • Follows all infection prevention policies and practices good hand hygiene. Adheres to patient isolation protocols, TB testing, and flu vaccination programs, as applicable.
  • Corrects or reports any safety hazards identified. Fills out event notification when appropriate to help prevent future accidents. Utilizes ‘Good Catch’ forms to recognize the efforts of others.
  • Completes all HealthStream education assignments by the due date. Completes and submits annual competency requirements before the deadline.


We demonstrate our humanity by caring for others.

  • Displays compassion and respect for every patient and visitor, regardless of their social, economic, or educational status. Displays positive body language and refrains from criticizing others.
  • Empathizes with those waiting for service. Validates the customer’s feelings and offers whatever is needed to help them feel comfortable. Explains the process of delay without blame and gives a time that service expects to be completed.
  • Responds promptly to all requests for assistance in a way that demonstrates care, courtesy, and respect. Makes a good impression on the telephone and exercises proper phone etiquette.
  • Serves as an ambassador for WMC and works to improve the image of WMC as we meet the health care needs of the communities we serve.


We value the time, talents, and privacy of others.

  • Takes responsibility to guard each patient’s privacy and confidentiality. Follows all HIPAA guidelines. Remains acutely aware of and takes responsibility for asking others to refrain from discussing patient information in public places.
  • Demonstrates good stewardship of WMC’s financial resources and does not waste. Maintains an ethical business environment and follows WMC’s Corporate Compliance guidelines as outlined in our Code of Conduct.
  • Is committed to open, honest, and timely communication, and delivers any messages with courtesy, clarity, and care. Practices service recovery by acknowledging, apologizing, and acting to amend concerns of patients, visitors, and coworkers. Attends a majority of house wide I Care events.
  • Uses principles of AIDET® in all interactions to improve patient perception of the care they receive.


We hold ourselves and others to the highest standards of professionalism.

  • Is flexible and maintains a positive attitude when faced with changes to work duties, environment, and schedules. Demonstrates a commitment to teamwork.
  • Displays professionalism at all times, takes responsibility for their actions and words, and follows through on their commitments.
  • Maintains their work areas and personal appearance in a way that reflects our professionalism and demonstrates to our patients, visitors, and coworkers the importance we place on cleanliness, orderliness, and safety.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to the Mission, Vision, and Values of Williamson Medical Center.