Ergonomic Stretches to Keep You Pain Free While Working From Home

Increasingly, more people are working from home to stay productive while practicing social distancing. However, some common practices that result from turning your home into an office could be causing pain, especially in the neck, back, hips, legs and hands. Thankfully, these conditions are preventable and treatable, and we’re here to share some tips and […]

Core Stability and Flexibility Key to Injury Prevention

Like most outdoor enthusiasts and endurance athletes, I have experienced injuries that can be painful and debilitating. Athletes can prevent many of the most common injuries and avoid significant setbacks in achieving their training goals with proper core stability and flexibility. Core stability is essential for proper form and mechanics while performing sports skills. It […]

Advanced Techniques in Microvascular Surgery Help Restore Function and Relieve Pain

The upper extremities are vital for many different everyday activities, in the home and at work. Unfortunately, accidents happen, whether on the job, on the playing field, or in the home. When they do, the complex bones, tendons, ligaments and muscles of the hand, wrist, arm and elbow can suffer trauma, such as severe bone […]

New Techniques Deliver Better Outcomes for Foot and Ankle Surgery Patients

Few bones bear the weight of our day-to-day activity quite like our feet. Throw in the slightest misstep and injury can occur seemingly out of the blue. For Geoff Watson, M.D., a foot and ankle surgeon at the Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee, caring for patients with lower extremity injuries comes naturally. During his […]

More Technology and Options Available for Shoulder Surgery Patients

Chronic shoulder pain and loss of motion can throw you off your game and interrupt life. However, new CT-guided technology is making shoulder replacements easier and more accurate for orthopaedic surgeons and shoulder surgery patients alike. As a shoulder specialist at the Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee, I have the opportunity to employ cutting […]

Williamson Medical Center, Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee named official sports medicine providers for Williamson County high schools

FRANKLIN, Tenn. — The Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee and Williamson Medical Center are partnering to serve as the official sports medicine providers for Williamson County’s high school athletes. As of July 2018, trained medical professionals will be on hand at all TSSAA-sanctioned practices and games. Certified athletic trainers employed by Williamson Medical will […]