Williamson Medical Center Announces Addition of New Hospitalist Program

FRANKLIN, Tenn. – Williamson Medical Center announced this week the addition of a team of 20 highly trained, board-certified physicians who specialize in hospital-based medicine. The physicians are employed by the hospital and will staff a new hospitalist department that is expected to enhance patient care significantly. The hospital previously contracted with a national hospitalist group to staff its hospitalist program.

“Robust hospitalist programs have long demonstrated the ability to improve patient outcomes, reduce length of hospital stays and enhance hospital efficiency,” said Don Webb, chief executive officer for Williamson Medical Center. “We expect this new team of hospital-based physicians will be more invested in our mission and vision, will work collaboratively with their fellow medical staff members and will be significant contributors not only to the care of our patients, but also to our community where they will reside.”

Webb said the hospitalists will always be on duty, day and night and because they work only in the hospital will be more familiar with the hospital’s standard procedures, information systems and personnel. “Most importantly these physicians share our core value to deliver quality, patient-centered care with compassion and respect,” he said.

Hospitalists are physicians who practice exclusively in the hospital setting, available to tend to patients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They work closely with primary care physicians, specialists and hospital staff to ensure patients get the best possible care.

By focusing their practice on the care of the hospitalized patient, the hospitalists gain a great deal of experience in the unique aspects of a patient’s needs during the hospital stay. Much like a medical hub, with many different radiating spokes of care, hospitalists can serve as a single point of contact, which reduces confusion and increases efficiency of care during a patient’s hospital stay.

“Having doctors in-house means that they can take advantage of all the different kinds of leading-edge diagnostic and treatment tools available at Williamson Medical Center and engage the hospital’s specialists as needed,” said Bradley Bullock, M.D., hospitalist program officer. “Hospitalists are able to evaluate a patient several times a day, meet regularly with family members, review labs and other studies in real time, and make quick decisions about which medical procedures, tests, or other treatment options may be necessary. Also, the hospitalist can immediately add, change or discontinue medications and treatments as needed.”

“If you are hospitalized, it is likely a hospitalist will provide most of your care, rather than your primary care doctor,” said Dr. Bullock. “However our hospitalists will maintain a close working relationship with your primary care provider and will ensure they have detailed documentation of your hospital stay in order to provide the appropriate follow-up care after you are discharged.”

The new Hospitalist Program will be operational beginning April 1.

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