I like seeing people smile, and I like making people smile!

- Diana Putman




Volunteers are an essential part of Williamson Medical Center. More than 125 individuals a year give generously of their time, talents and concern. The Volunteers provide many services at the Medical Center including staffing the Williamson Tower information desk, delivering flowers and mail to patients, providing toys for children undergoing surgery, and operating The Gift Shop.

Listed below are some of the areas that volunteers serve:

  • Day Surgery liaison

  • Emergency Department waiting room

  • Gift Shop

  • Meeter/Greeter at entrances

  • Patient Registration escort

  • Physical Therapy

In addition to volunteering their time, the Williamson Medical Center Volunteer Auxiliary donates thousands of dollars annually to the Medical Center. The Auxiliary has provided specially equipped bicycles for the Emergency Medical Services Bike Medic Team, which provides medical support to more than 60 community events each year. The funds donated by the Auxiliary are raised through fundraisers, profits from the Auxiliary run Gift Shop, and the annual Tree of Life celebration held during the Christmas season. Williamson Medical Center has a junior volunteer program for ages 14-18. The volunteer experience for this group provides the opportunity to see first hand various career options in the health care setting while also providing services to patients and families. Young people between the ages of 14 and 18 can begin volunteering in January, June and September. To begin volunteering in January please submit your volunteer application by December 1, to start in June submit application by April 1, and to start in September submit application by July 1.

How to apply to be a volunteer:

Complete the online volunteer application or download the volunteer application and return it to us by mail or deliver it in person.

Both youth and adult applicants are chosen based on application, interview, and availability. Due to the time invested in orienting and training new volunteers, we require a minimum commitment of five months or 50 hours of service. Of course, we hope that you will enjoy your volunteer work so much that you will want to continue your service beyond the minimum requirements!

For more information about volunteering at Williamson Medical Center, contact Angie Jones, Volunteer Program senior coordinator, at 615.435.5429 or abirkemeyer@wmed.org.

Remote access volunteers log in here.