Walter Egan has been known for many things.

He’s the singer behind the late ‘70s smash hit Magnet and Steel. He’s a substitute teacher. He’s friends with Stevie Nicks and most recently, is the recipient of a brand new hip thanks to the orthopaedic surgeons at the Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee, the surgical team at Williamson Medical Center, and a MAKO surgical robot here that helped make his new hip as precise and perfect as possible.

“I have had a painful hip for two or three years, but being a musician, I never had insurance,” Egan said. “I finally got health insurance last summer, so I decided to get my hip checked out. Turns out, I had no cartilage left in my hip.”

Egan met with his orthopaedic surgeon, who suggested the robotic assisted hip replacement surgery, and said before he knew it he had a new hip and the nurses were telling him to get up and walk around.

“I was ahead of schedule through the entire recovery process and now I do two-mile walks every morning, which is my way of staying healthy. If you had had the pain of no cartilage in your hip for two years, I can tell you it’s amazing living without the pain. I now have the confidence to get up on stage and jump around a little bit, which I still do as much as possible!”

Not long after his surgery, Egan played the legendary Bluebird Café. His friend Emmylou Harris joined him on stage and he hasn’t stopped playing live since.

The photo on our billboard of Walter Egan was taken at a live performance in Los Angeles and is a perfect example of how joint replacements can not only restore your quality of life, but can get you back to what you were meant to do.

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My doctor brought up using the robot for my hip replacement. I trusted him and he did a great job. It’s amazing living without pain. I walk two to three miles every morning now. It’s my way of staying healthy.

- Walter Egan

Hip replacement recipient

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