When every minute matters…

It’s important to know early heart attack symptoms, because they’re not as obvious as you may think.

Not all heart attacks display the typical warning signs of extreme chest pain and a shooting pain down the left arm. Sometimes, a warning can be as subtle as heartburn or shortness of breath. Yet, these atypical symptoms, especially in women, too often are dismissed or downplayed as a less serious condition.

Paying attention to the little things your body is trying to tell you can help prevent an attack and significant damage to your heart.

Heart Attack Symptoms

Heart Attack Symptoms

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Did you know?

The first hour is vitally important after a heart attack because as time continues, more heart muscle is damaged and treatments become less effective. The most important thing you can do is to pay attention to your body. If you think you’re experiencing symptoms of heart attack, call 911 immediately.


Surviving the “widow maker”

To Elizabeth Tyer, Williamson Medical Center is where she got her life back. She never expected to have a “widow maker” heart attack in her early 40s, but when she called EMS after sickness that worsened by the hour, our paramedics were able to communicate the status of Elizabeth’s condition so that when they arrived, doctors and nurses were standing by and ready to go.

She had a stent inserted into her aortic artery within the hour and credits the fast response time and knowledgeable cardiologists at WMC with the reason she is here to tell her story today.


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