Survivor Felecia Prowell originally went to a facility in Nashville for her initial diagnosis.

“I didn’t like it, so I came back to Williamson Medical Center,” she said. “The diagnosis was the same, but the care was different. I am thankful to be here and thankful to Williamson Medical Center for being here.”

“We have the technology and the skilled staff just like the bigger facilities, but we are able to offer very personalized service,” said Certified Breast Health Navigator, Cary Ralph, R.N. “We know you and your family when you come here. We get very involved not only in your medical treatment, but will be certain that you understand everything that is happening with your treatment.”

“When a patient hears cancer, they really can’t hear anything else,” Ralph says. “It’s scary and you go into shut-down mode. There are so many things a patient needs to know about breast cancer. They can call me at any time and ask me more questions. I talk to them about treatments and what to expect.”

Survivor Darlene Abbott said throughout her treatment, she never felt like a number.

“The doctor asked us about our family,” she said. “He wanted to know about me. From the beginning, I felt like they were walking arm-in-arm with us on this journey. I felt like I was getting the best care there was. Now, as far as we know, I am completely cancer-free.”

Breast cancer, when caught and treated early is a very treatable disease and we want women to know that. It doesn’t have to be a death sentence. Our list of survivors, who are a living testament to this, is growing everyday.

The fact is now there are a lot more options with surgery and medical treatment. There is more testing now that can tell us what the risk is for relatives and more of it is covered by insurance than in years’ past. Depending on the stage of cancer, in many cases we are able to put a woman’s mind at ease and educate them that breast cancer can be treatable and manageable.

Our Breast Health Center will make women feel they are getting the best treatment they can get.

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Felecia Powell Headshot

I am thankful to be here and I am thankful to Williamson Medical Center for being here for me.

- Felecia Prowell

Breast Cancer Survivor

Darlene Abbott headshot

It wasn't just one doctor. It was a team of doctors. I felt like I was getting the best care there was.

- Darlene Abbott

Breast Cancer Survivor