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I don't think I've ever had a better hospital experience. An experience where literally *every* staff person was kind to us, and genuinely wanted to support the recently moved, worried mom, who showed up in the middle of the night, with a very sick baby, and no family or friends to call.

- Kristee Bailey

Williamson County Parent

Quality Care That’s Worth 300 Miles

Is our staff worth driving three hours? Sharon Moffitt certainly think so! Sharon and her family recently made the three-hour trip all the way from Mayfield, Ky., (outside of Paducah) to have bladder surgery performed by urogynecologist, Barry Jarnagin, M.D., who chose to operate at Williamson Medical Center. “All of the nurses and staff on the Fifth Floor have been wonderful. They were very caring and patient, they were quick to respond, and they did everything with a smile,” Sharon said. “It was definitely worth the drive.”

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At Williamson Medical Center, our story is best told by our patients. They’ve been here. They know us well.

The following patients volunteered to share their stories with us. Nothing was scripted or rehearsed and they weren’t prompted on what to say or how to say it. We just asked them to tell us their story and had cameras running while they did. These patients received no compensation or discounted services for their stories and we sincerely thank them for their kind words and their willingness to share their experiences. 


Duane Eddy

To Deed and Duane Eddy, Williamson Medical Center is where Duane’s life was saved when he suffered an abdominal aortic aneurysm. What started out as back pain ended with Duane collapsing at our front door. One more red light and he wouldn’t have made it, his doctors told him. What happened over the next few days, the Eddys describe as a symphony. Nurses, doctors and staff working together to produce a beautiful outcome that meant Duane walked out of the hospital and back on stage where he belongs.


Elizabeth Tyer

To Elizabeth Tyer, Williamson Medical Center is where she got her life back. She never expected to have a “widow maker” heart attack in her early 40s, but when she called EMS after sickness that worsened by the hour, our paramedics were able to communicate the status of Elizabeth’s condition so that when they arrived, doctors and nurses were standing by and ready to go.

She had a stent inserted into her aortic artery within the hour and credits the fast response time and knowledgeable cardiologists at WMC with the reason she is here to tell her story today.


Brenda Hyden

To Brenda Hyden, Williamson Medical Center is where she got her morning walks back. She loved to start her day with a brisk walk around her neighborhood where she would enjoy the sunrise. But chronic pain in her hips made her walks unbearable.

After having both hips replaced at WMC, she now has the spring in her step she longed for. Her advice to anyone suffering from joint pain is “don’t put it off another day.”


What our patients are saying about us:

“My husband Ronnie and I were on vacation to Nashville, second day there, he had a kidney stone. I was told at the hotel about Williamson Medical Center, so we went to ER, from the minute we got there, every person we were in contact with was wonderful! He was admitted 5th floor, the nurses, aides, housekeeping were great, they not only took care of my husband, but me also, bringing me water, pillow, blanket. The Nurse told us Dr. Tissot would be in the next morning, and he was there bright and early, was able to add him on the schedule that day, he did great and was discharged that afternoon. Thanks to all who helped with Ronnie, we plan on going back to Nashville in the spring to cont our vacation ! PS the hospital was so clean, and the food was great !! Thanks again.”    Ann A. 

“My mother was recently a patient at WMC, we spent 10 days in ICU before her passing. I cannot express enough my gratitude to the entire staff at WMC. The physicians and nurses all went above and beyond to take the time to not only provide excellent care to my mother, but to provide my father and the rest of us with a caring shoulder and time to answer our never-ending questions. The facility was always sparkling clean cafeteria provided awesome food and service… always with a smile. I have highly recommended WMC to everyone since our stay. We ended up in the ER this past Saturday early morning hours with my father, who ended up having emergency surgery and to CCU again. Once again I have nothing but the best things to say about WMC. The ER staff, surgical team, and vascular surgeon were the best! He ended up having one of our favorite nurses in CCU that took care of Mom… Maggie. She is so awesome, and provided excellent care!!” Angela G.

“I experienced exceptional care while I was there. The staff was very attentive & helpful. I felt well taken care of & totally recommend this hospital. Thank you for taking such good care of me.” —Angela K.

“We got home from having our first baby yesterday. If you are wondering if this is the place to have your baby I give it a 10! We love all of the nurses in L&D. Honestly my husband and I were terrified. The nurses made our experience so much better than expected. We had so many of our visitors compliment on how nice all of the staff was to them. Also, the cafeteria staff was amazing too! Every morning my husband would go eat and he would come back saying how nice they were. We are lucky to have them.” —Kara R.

“This is the best hospital with excellent doctors and nurses.” —Rosemary B.

“My experience was awesome! Everyone was VERY kind, caring, & attentive to my every need. Thank you!” —Tracey R.

“Honest and true caring and compassion from an excellent staff! Everyone from the cafeteria thru to the nursing staff. Truly makes a difference in the stress of having a loved on in the hospital!” —Lee D.

“My dad had knee replacement surgery and the team on the 4th floor were excellent. They were attentive, friendly and knew what they were doing and how to take care of the patient and the patient’s family. Carol and her physical therapy group were wonderful too. No hospital stay is fun but this group made everything everything as pleasant as possible.” —RuthAnn G.

“Went to the E.R. Sunday afternoon couldn’t catch my breath. Excellent care from e.r. desk to the e.r. staff. I was admitted receiving the best care from the 3rd floor team. A hospital stay isn’t intended to be fun but thanks to my caretakers they treated me as family with all the compassion and the best care possible. Above and beyond providing excellent healthcare!!! Strongly recommend them. They will treat you with Excellent Care!” —Sandra H.

“Excellent care. Extremely efficient. Good communication. Excellent food. We are blessed to have such a wonderful facility in our community. They were extremely proactive and spared my husband having a massive stroke.” —Dede B.

“Thanks to everyone who took care of me at Williamson Medical Center before, during and after my surgery. You all even took care of my hubby while he waited. The staff from check in, to prep and post op were wonderful with me. I could not ask for better care.” —Betty D.

“The staff is so friendly.” —Erica B.

“I owe a huge thank you to the Williamson County Sheriff, EMS crew, and Williamson Medical Center ER staff that responded to the 911 call and provided care at the hospital. I don’t think I could’ve received better care on an ambulance or in an ER.” —Joshua M.

“My dad needed to get medical attention and this place was wonderful and gave him the best care.” —Jennifer D.