Cory Calendine, M.D., orthopaedic surgeon with the Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee describes the new leading-edge surgical robotic technology at Williamson Medical Center as being like a GPS for a hip or knee joint.

That’s about the best way to explain exactly what the RIO®, the Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopaedic System, is going to do for orthopaedic surgeries at WMC.

Williamson Medical Center is leading the way in the Nashville region with orthopaedic robotic technology, being the only area medical center to offer the RIO® system.

“We have a very successful orthopaedic surgery program here, so having a piece of technology like this will help solidify Williamson Medical Center as the place to come for these types of surgeries,” said Don Webb, CEO of WMC. “Being the first in the area to offer this level of precision speaks volumes about our commitment to orthopaedics.”

For more information about robotic assisted orthopaedic surgeries at Williamson Medical Center, call 615-435-MAKO.


Meet the surgeons credentialed to use the RIO® technology at Williamson Medical Center and hear what they have to say about the benefits:


Pictured, left to right: Cory Calendine, M.D., Christopher Stark, M.D., Colin Looney, M.D., Paul Thomas, M.D., Brian Perkinson, M.D.

Cory Calendine, M.D.
“With this technology, we will be able to do specialized images of the joint before we start a surgery and that allows us to plan better. It enables the surgeon to do a more thorough pre-operative evaluation, plan the most effective procedure and then execute it more precisely than ever.”

Christopher Stark, M.D.
“We can do partial knees or full hip replacements with unparalleled precision. Being able to offer this level of precision enhances the entire orthopaedic program at Williamson Medical Center because it enables us to open up these options to more people. We really are starting to see more motivated patients because they are learning that we can do these surgeries.”

Colin Looney, M.D.
“We have this great arthroplasty program that does a thousand joints a year right here in our own community with local surgeons and staff.”

Paul Thomas, M.D.
“This really is a unique process from start to finish that is all focused on faster recovery and better outcomes. It showcases Williamson Medical Center’s commitment to embracing proven new technology, so that we can always deliver excellent patient care resulting in better outcomes.”

Brian Perkinson, M.D.
“People are coming to see us earlier in life than ever before. The robot allows us to address their joint issues at a less-advanced stage. Specifically, this technology improves the accuracy of a partial knee replacement and makes the surgery much easier, so we don’t need to wait until a full replacement is warranted.”


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The whole hospital experience at Williamson Medical Center was the best I’ve ever had. The pain is gone.

- Joel Shaver

Hip Replacement Patient

Walter Egan headshot

My doctor brought up using the robot for my hip replacement. I trusted him and he did a great job. It’s amazing living without pain. I walk two to three miles every morning now. It’s my way of staying healthy.

- Walter Egan

Hip replacement recipient

Nancy Holland Headshot

The stuff I could do pretty quickly after my hip replacement was astounding. I had my first hip done and at my 8-week appointment, I was like OK, let's do the other one. Let’s fix it, too.

- Nancy Holland

Double hip replacement recipient

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