How to maintain quality sleep patterns during winter

Less sunlight, combined with reduced physical activity and an overindulgence of carbs thanks to the time change and shorter days during winter can significantly impact your sleep cycle. While the total amount of sleep varies by individual, most adults require an average of eight hours per night. “The number of hours you need is the […]

Lack of sunlight due to shorter winter days affects children just like adults

Most adults have felt the lingering effects of cold, drab winter days that are heavy on darkness and short on sunlight. The winter doldrums that affect everything from sleeping and exercise to eating habits are not in your head. They are medically proven to be legitimate. Lack of sunlight on your retinas stimulates the body’s […]

How to stay physically active during winter months

It can be difficult to find time to exercise even when you have an extra 3 to 4 hours of daylight on a warm, sunny summer afternoon. But when it’s dark at 5 a.m. and dark at 5 p.m. and freezing cold outside, finding time to exercise – let alone the desire to actually do […]

Find comfort this winter with more veggies and lean meats

Like ice cream on a hot day, comfort food during the cold and gloomy winter is just what your body craves, but it’s not what your body needs. While this traditional meal may bring an instant feeling of warmth and happiness, health experts say it’s more important this time of year to eat fewer carbs […]

Fewer daylight hours in the wintertime affects your body in multiple ways

From sleep to exercise to diet to mood, fewer daylight hours this time of year can take a significant toll on our bodies and overall health. As we move deeper into the cold and grey winter months, it’s important to pay attention to how your body is reacting. Are you feeling less energetic? Are you […]