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Nurse Tech-4th Floor Joint & Spine

Nursing Support



Formal Education / Training: 
1.   Certified or one year of nursing assistant experience preferred.
2.   High school diploma or equivalent.
3.   CPR/BLS within 90 days of hire.

Workplace Experience:        
Patient Care Delivery

Equipment and Skills Training: 
Pocket Masks; Bed Scales; Sphygmomanometer; Dinamap; Electronic Thermometers; Plexipulse; K-Thermia; Pneumatic Tube System; Telemetry; Nurse Call System; Fax; Network Computer System.  CPR is required within 90 days of employment

Physical Environment: 
Medical-Surgical Unit with patient population ranging from less than one year of age>99 years of age.

Physical Effort:   
1.   Able to communicate in English verbally and legibly.
2.   Able to stand/work for up to twelve hours a day.
3.   Able to lift with assistance up to 250 lbs.


1.   Assists with data collection
2.   Assists with the patient’s care identifying and reporting problems/needs, and performs interventions consistent with identified problems as directed by the nurse.
3.   Provides emotional and psychosocial support for patient and family.
4.   Collaborates with appropriate health care team members to help coordinate the delivery of patient care in a timely manner.
5.   Assists with treatments, procedures and equipment appropriate to areas evidence by adherence to policy, procedure and competency based assessment and no pattern or trend of problem.
6.   Organizes assigned task and responsibilities.
7.   Documents accurately and timely.
8.   Maintains healing and therapeutic environment for the patient and family.
9.   Maintains position specific qualifications.
10.  Facilitates staff development.
11.  Demonstrates responsibility for assigned communications.
12.  Demonstrates responsibility for cost containment using supplies judiciously.
13.  Handles/transports medications/solutions safely and in accordance with hospital and departmental policies and procedures.