What's going on?

There has been a proposed resolution brought before the County Commission with the option to sell Williamson Medical Center, which is currently a county-owned asset. We think it’s important that before anyone makes a decision about this they are informed of the implications of a sale as well as some facts surrounding this idea that aren’t widely known.

The idea of selling Williamson Medical Center was brought up as a way to pay off county debt and help fund schools. What’s important to note here is that Tennessee state law states that profits made from the sale of county-owned medical facilities can only be applied toward future health care expenditures. The funds CAN NOT be used for roads, debt, schools or any other non-healthcare related debt.

Also, the WMC Board of Trustees would have to agree to the sale before it can happen. None of our board members are in favor of selling Williamson Medical Center.

Our CEO, Don Webb, and COO, Julie Miller, recently discussed this matter during a live interview on WAKM radio. Watch the interview, in full, below:

Why does it matter?

Williamson Medical Center is deeply engrained in this community and in addition to providing top-tier quality health care for adults and children, here are a number of things we do to benefit our community that would likely go away if we were sold:

  • We operate EMS services for the county
  • We provide EMS coverage at all county high school home football games and wrestling events
  • We provide medical supplies to Franklin Special School District school nurse programs
  • We provide the instructor for two Williamson County schools who teach first responder courses to high school students at Page High and Fairview High
  • With more than 1,500 employees, we are one of the county’s largest employers
  • We provide physicians and top-level providers to do educational programming in businesses and for community groups
  • We contribute to county forensic services
  • We employ the physician and nurse practitioner at the health departments in Franklin and Fairview
  • We provide emergency medical training for Fire and Rescue first responders
  • In fiscal year 2016, we provided $12 million of uncompensated care
  • In fiscal year 2016, we provided $2.7 million of charity care
  • In fiscal year 2016, we provided $311,271 in discounted service to jail inmates
  • We provide 200 free mammograms for an underserved population of women
  • WMC pays $350,000 per year in property tax on our medical office buildings
  • We are dedicated to providing the most advanced technology
  • We were the first community hospital to purchase and implement the da Vinci Robotic System
  • We offer robotic-assisted surgery with the RIO® Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopaedic System
  • Our vascular hybrid room offers the latest and best technology for vascular patients
  • We offer 3D imaging capabilities for our breast health patients
  • We are a Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Blue Distinction Center for hip and knee replacements
  • Accredited in the following: Joint and Spine Center; Breast Imaging Center of Excellence in Mammography, Breast Ultrasound and Percutaneous Breast Biopsy; Chest Pain Center; Sleep Center; Cancer program; Laboratory; Radiology services; Diabetes Education; Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase II
  • Over the past year, we have recruited 14 new physician providers who have diversified our spectrum of care.
  • Williamson Medical Center is one of very few community hospitals nationwide that offers a dedicated children’s hospital and pediatric emergency department

What can I do?

  1. Find your official voting district.
  2. Find your county commissioner’s contact information.
  3. Contact your commissioners and tell them why you #StandWithWMC!
  4. Share our message with your network:

Why Is WMC Important?

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“What I love about working at WMC is the community of providers. The people I work with seem to enjoy what they do. They are willing to discuss cases with me, work on problems together and not hide behind a curtain of anonymity that bigger healthcare systems can sometimes provide. Patients come for excellent care and not because it’s their only option. This facility attracts physicians and providers who want to be able to provide state-of-the-art care in an environment that cares about more than just a bottom line.

“WMC is the central hub of a unique network in Williamson County of walk-in clinics, primary care offices, orthopaedic practices, other specialty practices, and post-acute care facilities. It is unique in that there are so many high-quality facilities and practices that ultimately depend on WMC as their acute care facility of choice. Without WMC, I wouldn’t have a choice but to move my practice to Nashville, along with many other healthcare providers in this area. We are all here because we would rather be here than anywhere else.”

S. Shaefer Spires, MD
Assistant Professor, Infectious Diseases
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Hospital Epidemiologist and Physician Chair of Antimicrobial Stewardship
Williamson Medical Center
“I arrived in Williamson County in June 1996 as part of a joint venture between Williamson Medical Center and Baptist Hospital. The goal was to increase primary care accessibility. Many of those physicians are still here actively practicing quality medicine. Similarly, in 2010 Williamson Medical Center had the goal of solidifying a primary care base and formed the Williamson Medical Group which actively purchased physician practices. That group continues to enjoy healthy expansion which ultimately increases access to the residents of this county. Williamson Medical Center is simply a great hospital and a great place to work. I fear that if the hospital became a private venture it would no longer serve the needs of Williamson County, but would ultimately serve the needs of a board of director’s whose primary goal would be profit. In the end nurse-to-patient ratios would increase, care would decline, and this amazing institution would become “just another hospital.”

Arthur Williams, D.O.
Family Medicine
Williamson Medical Group
"My wife Allison and I take a great deal of pride in working at Williamson Medical Center and really enjoy taking care of patients in our fields of pediatrics and radiology, respectfully, at such a beautiful, well-run facility.”

Michael Couden, M.D.
Radiologist with Advanced Diagnostic Imaging
“Only through community ownership and leadership of Williamson Medical Center are we assured the medical center's focus is on US - the people of Williamson County. I am honored to be a part.

“Being a part of Williamson Medical Center - community-focused, community-controlled and community-owned - is something in which I take great pride in. Serving my neighbors - and my own family - WMC continues to lead the way...lighting the path for others to follow.”

Cory L. Calendine, M.D.
Assistant Professor, Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation
Specializing in Adult Reconstruction of the Hip and Knee
Vanderbilt Bone & Joint
“My first thought on a sale of the hospital is "no". Sale of the hospital would permanently change the culture of the medical center. I think of that culture as a community of people caring for its community. Most of the hospital employees are local residents who enjoy caring for their neighbors. It is WMC people that make the experience. I think that any corporate change would alter and damage this environment.

“I have had the great fortune to practice medicine for over twenty years at Williamson Medical Center. I have watched it grow and evolve from a small rural hospital to the state-of-the-art medical center it is today. Its best days lie ahead.”

Michael McNamara, M.D.
Associate Professor of Clinical Orthopaedic Surgery
Specializing in Spinal Surgery
Vanderbilt Bone & Joint
“Williamson Medical Center has been a great partner with Mercy dating back many years as we have sought to serve our community together. From when we served pediatric patients only to now seeing adult patients, WMC has been a very significant resource for our patients. Our patients receive everything from specialty care, emergent care, diagnostic support, and inpatient treatment to newborn care at WMC.

“We have also established relationships with the leadership, providers, and staff of WMC that have helped us to serve our patients better and have been valuable partners in the changing landscape of healthcare. The new pediatric service has been a great blessing to our patients due to its proximity.”

Alex Brunner, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer
Mercy Community Healthcare
“Having Williamson's Pediatric Emergency Room staffed with Vanderbilt Pediatric physicians has been a tremendous benefit for my pediatric patients in Spring Hill. I know I can confidently send children there for rapid, thorough, evidence-based care, and it is much more accessible to families than driving to downtown Nashville.”

Hannah Renno, M.D.
Tennessee Pediatrics
“It would be a huge loss to me personally as my life was saved nine years ago by Dr. Patrick Murphy. I received all of my care for my lymphoma treatment at WMC. My regular doctors all practice there. It's where I feel safe. I practice there because that's how I want my patients to feel.”

Ysela Carrillo, M.D., F.A.C.S., F.C.C.M.
General Surgery/Surgical Critical Care
Williamson Medical Group
“My home is in Maury County and I will always go to WMC for my personal and family medical care. I would have to drive to Nashville to continue working, so instead, I would retire early.”

Ruth Lamar, M.D.
Medical Oncology
Tennessee Oncology and Hematology
“Twenty-two-years ago as of this July, I became a member of the WMC staff. I imagine any physician here could share their story. Both of my children were born in the same corner room in L&D - the interior has changed, there are some new faces, equipment more advanced. I have watched change and growth from cardiology to the NICU, just to name a couple, we have all been blessed. WMC is more than a hospital, it is a community of people with a common goal to bring the needed services locally with professionalism mixed with love because these patients are our friends and family that we see at the grocery store, church, and passing on the street. This is all irreplaceable and should be a treasured asset for Williamson County.”

Jacqueline Stafford, M.D.
Vanderbilt Franklin Women’s Center
“If WMC were sold, the focus would likely change from providing compassionate, patient centered care to focusing on revenue. The biggest difference between our county owned hospital and a for profit hospital is that we can provide a more comfortable patient experience than our competitors who are focused only on making a profit. Our patients deserve to have their health be our number one concern, and not have the profit of the shareholders or owners be the main concern.”

Andy Russell, M.D.
Emergency Medicine
Williamson Medical Center
“WMC to me embodies the personalized, compassionate care of a small-town medical center that I grew up with in my own small town. It does this while holding itself to the same high standards of medical practice observed by the big medical centers downtown. Similarly, the hospital operates specifically to benefit the people of Williamson County and surrounding areas--there is no other motive such as profit or research. As someone who trained at Vanderbilt, I can say that if I were to get sick, I would come to WMC in a heartbeat. If the hospital were to be sold, it would mean the loss of the last remaining personalized, comforting, small-town family hospital in Middle Tennessee, and that would be a shame.”

Levi Benson, M.D.
Sound Physicians
“Obviously, first, this would possibly affect the livelihood of myself as well as my family, as my current place of employment would be in question. Secondly, I strongly agree with and greatly appreciate the principles, mission, vision and values that WMC stands for. A new employer might not have those same principles, mission, vision, and values. It has been so refreshing to work for WMC.”

Anna Herring, PA-C
Family Medicine
Williamson Medical Group
“I think the sale of the hospital would be detrimental to the hospital’s primary mission of serving the medical needs of the residents of Williamson County. I am reminded of the development of the cardiac interventional program at WMC. This program was started by the late Dr. David Nierste. His primary motivation was to provide the best possible care for patients who arrived at WMC having acute MI. Prior to development of the interventional program, patients were either transferred to Nashville for emergent intervention, or treated with intravenous thrombolytic therapy (both options were suboptimal). Development and institution of the program required a significant amount of work, commitment, and sacrifice from the medical staff (particularly interventional cardiologist), administration, and staff (cath lab, nursing, EMS, etc). Nonetheless, the program has been successful, and we are now able to provide state-of-the-art care to our patients with acute MI. I am not sure that the same commitment would have been there under external ownership.”

Bill Fleet, M.D.
Interventional Cardiologist
Saint Thomas Heart - Franklin
“The wellness program at Franklin Synergy Bank is extremely beneficial and important to our team and we have Williamson Medical Center to thank for that! WMC has been a vital resource for our wellness program for a number of years. Without the support and guidance of WMC, we wouldn’t have been able to offer informative Lunch and Learns with Doctors, Dieticians, Physical Therapists and EMS. WMC has been able to teach our employees Hands-only CPR, first aid tips, healthy recipes, breast health awareness, diabetes awareness, daily exercise routines and so much more! WMC continues to make a significant impact on the health, wellness, and culture at Franklin Synergy Bank!”

Holly Bogle
Banking Officer
Imaging Manager
Wellness Officer
Franklin Synergy Bank
“I know that the families of our residents have a sense of security knowing that Williamson Medical Center is less than one mile from our community. Knowing that an ambulance can arrive so quickly is reassuring to our families. I feel that it is something that is part of the decision to move their loved one here. Also, many of the doctors they choose have their offices in the tower. Williamson Medical Center is a great asset to our community and it would be a great loss without it here. We are grateful for the educational outreach you offer to our community.”

Brenda Rummell
Activity Director
Fountains of Franklin
“Williamson Medical Center is a key component to how we as the YMCA serve Williamson County. Their partnership in our programs to help serve, support, and provide resources is invaluable. They believe in a bigger mission that enables the YMCA to continue to reach further in our community to enrich the lives of all people. It is a great blessing to have Williamson Medical Center as a partner and believe in the people and community they serve.”

Camille Mickle
District Development Director
Brentwood Family YMCA/Christ Church YMCA
"We experienced Williamson Medical Center when my husband had gotten extremely sick about 4 weeks ago. And the expertise and quick response from the emergency room to the hospital stay put us at ease. The hospital gave us a hometown feel. And would recommend to everyone!!! We will stand with you Williamson Medical Center!!!"

Gerald and Lori Herman
"I stand with WMC because it is family oriented. I do not want WMC to be sold. I'm happy the way it is. I love the atmosphere of friendliness, the support that we have for each other as employees."

Janice Belt
"I stand with WMC because our county NEEDS a fabulous hospital and Williamson Medical Center is it! Outstanding care. Centrally located. Do not sell our hospital! Countless lives depend on this hospital."

Nikki Andrews
'I stand with WMC because they have provided healthcare to my family for over 30 years… both for scheduled procedures and in emergency situations. I am a lifelong Williamson County resident. I take pride in knowing that my healthcare is top-tier quality AND that my provider is locally owned. My nursing friends asked why on earth I chose to deliver my child there opposed to a hospital in Nashville. And you know what? I'd deliver there again in a heartbeat. I trust the hospital staff, providers and care givers to do what is right to keep my family safe."

Jenny Matheny
"Because it's a great hospital just like it is."

Linda Crutcher
"I worked at WMC for 10 years and it was the best place I have ever worked BECAUSE it was not owned by a corporate company. The community outreach they provide would be lost if it was sold. Please keep WMC the way it is….a fabulous patient-centered facility."

Deni Tomlinson
"It's so nice to have a community hospital to go to!! I delivered my baby there and have used the emergency room and could not have asked for a better experience!!"

"I live in the outskirts of Murfreesboro and just 10 minutes from St. Thomas Rutherford. My first child was delivered there. However, I chose to drive 30 minutes to Williamson Medical Center for all my OB appointments and the deliveries of my next 2 children because WMC is different. At WMC you are not just another person having a baby. You are paired with one nurse who treats you like you are the only person in the world that matters. At shift change you aren't worried about who the new nurse will be because they all treat you this way. My doctor was there for both of my deliveries because she actually delivers the majority of her patients' babies. This is not the case at many of the other area hospitals. It is a state-of-the-art hospital that has still managed to keep the small-town feel. They really care. Everyone involved with the birth of my children knew every detail of my birth plan and made every effort to accommodate my requests without a second thought. I felt like they had all studied it as if their lives depended on it. I tell everyone I know how great WMC is. Staying local would've been easier and cheaper, but it was worth every extra penny of gas money back and forth and every extra second of time spent driving. Coming from a busy mom of 3 boys 5 and under that says a whole lot. It breaks my heart to think about all the changes that could happen if it is sold and taken over by a big corporation. I 100% stand with WMC!

Kari Stevens
"I have been an employee of WMC for 10 years. Through these years I have heard a great number of compliments from our patients on our hospital. A lot of the patients travel quite a distance passing many other hospitals because they love Williamson Medical Center. The atmosphere is calm and quiet which is very important to a person who is trying to rest. We are staffed appropriately and because we have a family environment with staff that truly loves to help each other as well as each patient we serve it makes it a wonderful place to be. Sometimes it's not about money gained, it's about the people involved. In these times there is an abundance of corporately run hospitals with only minds focused on gain, it is refreshing and welcoming to come to a hospital that truly does make patients their first priority. This is why our patients as well as the staff love our WMC.

Elizabeth Meredith
"I have been a hospital CEO and/or hospital consultant for the past 30 years. I have personally been involved in dozens of hospital mergers and know first-hand of the potential consequences of such an acquisition.
WMC is one of the few local community hospitals that can stand alone in today's ever changing healthcare environment, primarily due to their strong payer mix. In my opinion, the potential negatives of such a move far outweigh the benefits. Stay independent.

Tom Layton
"I stand with WMC because I had my baby there, and I was so pleased with my care, and that is was a community hospital, and the staff was amazing!"

Katie Gerdts
"About 6 years ago, my mom got very sick very suddenly from a cut on her foot. It was a doctor at WMC that determined her heart was failing as a result. The quickness of the team and the knowledge of the physician hadn't yet heading to Vanderbilt right away for open heart surgery. 

My son was treated for stitches after he fell on a broken glass table. 

My daughter was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease last year. While she hasn't had and complications, it is a comfort to know that a children's hospital is so close.

Lastly, I worked for Williamson County Schools as an aide for special needs students. I worked with these students in the cafeteria at WMC for about a year. This is an invaluable program that gives people real-life work opportunities who wouldn't otherwise have those chances. I saw students push themselves and be proud of their work. I saw staff members at WMC praise them in ways they didn't often get praised. I saw customers praise them, too.

Selling WMC would not only put an end to the care my family, and millions of others have received. It will put an end to the opportunities special needs students have to work and grow. It will put an end to the comfort I feel as a member of the community knowing I have a hospital so close that can care for my family.

Lori Joffs
"I stand with WMC because: It's the best place I have ever been employed."

Phil Hulsey
"When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, they became like family to me. Kari Reagan, the breast care nurse held my hand through everything... Dr. Murphy made everything make sense to me. He spent a very long time explaining all the markers and everything to do with fighting breast cancer. I cannot imagine going anywhere else. I have always had a great experience everything I have gone to WMC.

Tracy Stafford
"It's a unique blend of a community hospital with great cutting-edge medical care. The personal touch with their customer service, combined with modern medicine offers the residents of the surrounding area a complete experience here at Williamson Medical Center. I cannot imagine the same complete experience provided by a corporate attitude that so many facilities in this area have. I Stand With WMC!"

Jim Hawley
"I live and work in this community. My Doctors are here and I don't have to fight traffic getting to hospital and Williamson County has a great emergency team."

Cheryl Posell
"I really like having a hospital that is locally owned and operated because our community gets the money. We have great doctors, nurses, Xray, and everyone! Don't sell out to big corporations!!!!"

Shannon Cyrus
"I stand with WMC because they are the best hospital in our area. They saved my son's life when he was bit by a tick at age 2 by having him sent to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital when our local hospital wouldn't do anything. They always take great care of my husband who had been in & out of the hospital with ITP for years. They are friendly & caring."

Lisa Carter
"When I have a medical emergency, WMC is my "home" for help. I have personally NOT had a bad experience in the 13 years we have been "associated" to WMC. Eight of our grandchildren were born there. I have been a patient there for heart issues and breast cancer. My Mom has been a patient there numerous times. I wonder if I could say that this is where I want to be treated if it was corporately owned, rather than Community owned. I really don't know. I love that WMC has a working relationship with Vanderbilt. It makes me feel very secure in our medical care. Some of the messages I have read sound like they believe if the hospital is sold, it will no longer be where it is. haha.
My concern is: would a corporation owning the hospital change policies, cost local people their jobs, and be able to provide the kindness and caring we receive now? I have serious doubts about that.

Mary Mefferd
"I've lived in Williamson County since I was born (aside from college). I've always gone to WMC any time anyone in my family has had urgent needs and my parents took me there as a kid. WMC is always GREAT and gives us just the right level of care and has never missed a diagnosis. I went there when I was pregnant and had viral meningitis; they diagnosed it accurately and took great care of me. I had both of my babies there and couldn't be happier with the care they provided. I've been for a few surgeries that were carried out flawlessly. I can't complain about any services the hospital provided. They are spot on. I don't want anything to change with the hospital. It is the only place I feel safe bringing my family during an emergency and for surgery."

Carrie McBrayer
"WMC is my home and my family. I have been employed by WMC for 12 years and I enjoy providing family- centered care to all my patients. We not only think of ourselves and our jobs but those that we serve: the community, not a corporation. I stand with WMC."

Jennifer Ladd
"Last year I had an MI at the age of 46. The care from the EMS services to the ER, cath lab, ICU and floor was superb."

Lance Blackwood
"It's rare to find a place, especially a medical facility, that feels like home. In the recent growth of our area too many things have been sold out for the dollar bill and replaced with outsiders who don't understand the community. That's how everything you love about a community dies. It becomes unrecognizable. Williamson Medical has amazing patient care and will continue to grow as does our community. It doesn't make any sense to sell it at this point. Don't let this gem get lost in the vacuum of the rest of the health care system."

Bradley Ford
"Last month my son was brought into the ER with pneumonia, and was then diagnosed with congestive heart failure. The ER & Dr. Fleet saved his life. He received outstanding care at WMC, he was kept informed at what was happening and the treatment plan. He had amazing nurses who treated him with the utmost of respect, along with his respiratory therapist and I was able to come every day and check on his progress. Dr. Fleet told him his heart function was @ 15%. He along with the excellent staff at WMC saved my son's life.

Rita Cook
"I had never (since birth) spent a night in a hospital until 2014, when at 55 yrs old something punctured my GI tract and I drove myself to the ER. I spent 11 days there and felt such compassion and yes, love, from the staff that I will always stand with WMC! We are so fortunate to have this facility right here in Franklin. The people, the staff are amazing. They're my neighbors and I will be forever grateful for the care they gave me."

Terri Jenkins 
"It has been my hospital through everything. They have always been there for me and my family. I have had both my kids at WMC and it was amazing. Also, they helped along with Vanderbilt, figure out what was wrong with my son. I will never go anywhere else."

Whitney Peters-Hosford 
"You're not just another number at our Hospital, we truly care about our patients. Being a smaller hospital we are able to give extra attention to our patients and their families. WMC takes very good care of there employees and it shows with the care that we return to our patients. I have worked for WMC 6 years now, and it is my second family."

Patty Buehner 
"WMC took amazing care of my daughter. The nurses and physicians went above and beyond to try to accommodate my child's needs. I love the fact that we have a children's hospital so close to our home."

Melissa Reino 
"They are the best
And we need them."

David Morse 
"I stand with WMC because they are my family not just because they are my co-workers but they give me the best care.
I worked full time at AND when I went back to college for my teaching degree. After receiving my degree one of the reasons I stayed as a PRN employee was because of the close knit family I had made with my co-workers. I love the people I work with because they are like family and they treat my family and friends like family.
Recently I had a friend from a neighboring county call me to ask about Williamson emergency room care for her ailing mother that had seen several other doctors and had not been given proper care. She brought her mother to the ER and was given treatment and direction on what to do next."

Michelle Chadwell 
"WMC is "OUR" Hospital and I pray it will continue to be. Wonderful care, Dr's, Nurse's, EMS & ALL the staff from top to bottom. We need WMC to stay our County's Hospital….."

Denise Foster 
"WE stand with WMC because it is local and caters to individuals not numbers and profits. Big corporations such as HCA, Vanderbilt and St. Thomas are too big for personal attention. These are home town people."

Martha Wilson 
"WMC is the Disney World of healthcare. Caring and compassionate attitudes are not mandatory here, it's the culture and the norm."

Scott Storey 
"Everyone is always friendly and helpful. I am also having surgery here, so let's stand together."

Robert Cassady 
"I stand with WMC because my wife and I always experience excellent service no matter what the nature of our visit may be, The staff is superb! They are always kind, courteous and professional. Thanks for always a job well done!!"

Forrest and Detricia Pride 
"I stand with Williamson Medical Center because it is the BEST hospital around. My significant other was in a car accident years ago and is quadriplegic. He has been sent to Maury Regional a few times, where they have been unable to diagnose his medical problems. We then went to Williamson Medical Center and the ER is run seamlessly, the doctors are excellent and we now will go NO WHERE ELSE. I was rushed there just yesterday for heat exhaustion and the staff was AMAZING. I can't thank you all enough for the wonderful care we get there. At Maury – we go in thinking we are going to die (NO KIDDING). At Williamson, we know the care is great. PLEASE, PLEASE don't let anything happen to this hospital."

Joanna Lenox and Stephen Lappe
"My wife and I have been there as patients multiple times and we could not have had a better experience or outcome. This does not need to be changed. Any financial gain from the sale will be short lived. I feel we should have a property tax increase instead of selling the hospital."

James V. Thomson 
"This is the best hospital around!! Doctor Brown and Cary Ralph saved my life twice last year during my double mastectomies. If it wasn't for them the wonderful staff I wouldn't be here to write this!! Please don't take OUR WONDERFUL COMMUNITY HOSPITAL AWAY FROM US!!!! When you love it the way we do and it works, please don't fix it!!! Please, Please keep it, this hospital has so many things others do not!! The Breast Health Center where women can come and feel that they are loved and this is so very much a part of the cure!! You have so much to offer!!!"

Pamela Oliveri 
"I stand with WMC because:
I just moved here from Louisville, I loved my physician there, he was a personal physician, I loved having a physician who was able to spend time with me, its very difficult moving to a new state finding a new physician among many other myriad things.
I have been told Williamson Medical has the finest physicians, I will be hugely disappointed if that is a choice that is not an option. There is one concierge physician in all of Nashville, downtown !!!! I do not want to go downtown to see my doctor !!!"

Karen L Kane Druckenmiller
"I have lived in Williamson county for 13 years. I have also had the privilege of working as a registered nurse at Williamson Medical Center for close to 10 years. WMC is an amazing place to work for and to receive care from. Over the years I have had several patients who have traveled a great distance to have procedures performed at WMC. They say they would not go anywhere else and that no other hospital even comes close. Patients also speak of the overwhelming kindness from the staff. I love the family friendly atmosphere and dedicated people I get to work with everyday. Our community needs this hospital to remain. It's a light in Franklin. That's why I stand with WMC."

Jennifer Koppenaal
"They saved my life TWICE! First time at the ER with chest pains and was admitted for 3 days with multiple pulmonary embolism (blood clots in my lungs).
Three weeks later I returned with uterine hemorrhaging and required another 3-day stay with a simple surgery and blood transfusion. This small and well staffed hospital is my first choice for any emergency. Thank you!!!"

Jennifer Blumhoefer 
"I stand with WMC because it is an autonomous hospital that allows each employee a sense of ownership and pride in their workplace. This hospital reminds me of the way a hospital should be, which is why I am willing to drive 45 minutes to work here. It is a welcoming and friendly place for visitors and employees and I am blessed to have a job here. I have worked for an incorporated hospital, 10 minutes from my home, but choose to drive an extra 35 minutes to be part of this "family"."

Susan Mora 
"WMC is the best hospital to work at in the Nashville area because the people. We are a team that works together for the greater good. There is a sense of ownership here. The success of this hospital depends on our day to day actions and that matters! WMC employees make a difference in the lives of the patients that come here. Without each of us WMC would not be the hospital it is. If we are sold, many of us, including me, would lose our jobs because the corporate machine would take over. We cannot let that happen! What we are doing here matters and we deserve to continue as a county run hospital as long as we are successful."

Adrienne Christensen, PharmD 
"On New Years day 2015, I fell 4 feet backward on concrete and hit my back and head. I was taken to WMC where they got me stable and sent me on to Vanderbilt. I am fine now and WMC help saved my life. They are the hospital we go to first."

Susan Hammack 
"One of the finest hospitals I've ever been involved with. The patient care was first class. I've been involved with other hospitals, and Williamson stands heads above the rest. If the county commissioners deem it necessary to sell it, would be the worst mistake they could make. Why would they take a asset like this in order to waste the money gained for something that can't measure up to what now exist? Please keep Williamson as is for the benefit for all!"

Thomas Ralph 
"I stand with WMC because it is a hospital with deep ties to this community. I have lived in the area for over 30 years and they have always provided excellent care to me and my family. The staff and doctors treated me like one of their own as I went through treatment for breast cancer 12 years ago. With all that they provide to the community and their patients – I sincerely hope that the hospital is not sold – so that it can continue to serve the needs of Williamson County as it has for almost 60 years."

Penny Childress 
"I stand with WMC because it is a phenomenal hospital, caring, honest, great care, wonderful professional employees. I have had nothing but positive experiences when I have had to interact with any department at WMC. My family has had the opportunities to be cared for and treated with professionalism and dignity no matter what the situation. Thank you to all of you!"

Pat Rice 
"I stand with Williamson Medical Center because their standard of order for their patients, and employees have been successful for many years. Williamson Medical Center has one of the best organizational standards to help the hospital run smooth and with the lease amount mishaps that I've seen during my employment here. I really appreciate the time they take to teach us these set of standards and rule. It helps to keep our safe and employees satisfied."

Rebeccah Walker 
"I want my health care dollars to continue going back into the community. Take the name Williamson out of the Medical Center, by a private company, and you take away the benefits to the community. My family and I have had a variety of encounters and procedures at Williamson Medical Center over the past 26 years, and I have never been let down by the quality of care! It's a simple choice…. #stand with WMC!"

Kay Matthews 
"They provide excellent care, they don't make you feel as if you are just a number to them. I trust in what they tell me."

Donna Young 
"Though I do not live in your area, I felt compelled to reply.
I reside in a small northeast Georgia town, total county population 20,000 +.
A physician group out of Atlanta purchased our community hospital several years back, building a beautiful, new modern facility shortly thereafter. Our residents were thrilled. The investors were apparently hoping for large quick pay off.
Within 3 years the group filed for bankruptcy.
As taxpayers, we inherited their debt. Our taxes have risen significantly!
My suggestion; "if it's not broke don't fix it". Working in the healthcare industry, I can see from your website you are the recipient of numerous valued endorsements. You have a great deal to be proud of!
My last point; my family is instructed to drive me to a facility one hour away should I need medical care even if I perish on the way. That about sums it up…."

Susan Blakely
"Mercy Community Healthcare has been very successful in providing excellent healthcare services to our patients and their families in Williamson Co., Davidson Co., Hickman Co., Maury Co., Marshall Co. and other surrounding counties. As a healthcare-community partner, Williamson Medical Center has always supported Mercy in providing these healthcare services through contributing to the Annual Franklin Classic (the premier fundraising event to improve the physical, mental, and spiritual health of those patients without health insurance.), understanding the philosophy of having access to affordable healthcare, and sharing the same values in providing services to those patients in a compassionate manner. Mercy Community Healthcare is grateful to have a community partner that seeks the best interest of our patients!”

Marq Gilchrest
Social Service Case Manager
Mercy Community Healthcare.
"I stand with WMC because that hospital sees quite a few people In small surrounding areas that are not close enough to Vanderbuilt hospital…..There is a need for quality care and we have a choice ….They also hold good Doctors that we need in our area, some acquainted with Vanderbilt…In the hustle of life good smaller hospitals are of need. In this day of age people take more action and consider their health more their own selves, we realize how important our choice of medicines and hospitals are our right to help our own lives …..We prefer that WCM stay as is for a healthy choice for all …"

Valerie Owen
"As a Williamson County/Franklin native, who was born at Williamson Medical Center and delivered my own child there, I stand with Williamson Medical! They have always provided excellent service to me and the Vanderbilt Children's clinic to my son. Our entire county is being taken over by major corporations and I personally prefer to keep it local! Do not take away one of the only "hometown" places where it feels like home, that we have left!"

Tiffany Bruce
"WMC is a treasure to our community! I would hate to lose it to a for-profit hospital chain. The employees are vested in the community, they care about you in a way that a chain hospital could not. WMC is an asset that should not be used as a political pawn."

Derby Jones
Williamson Herald, Southern Exposure Magazine
"Williamson Medical Center stands out superior to many hospitals in the neighboring communities. My family has recent experience with a doctor sending a critically ill member to a Tri Star ER. The site was dirty to the eye, the staff below par, & the treatment incorrectly managed.
The critical situation was not addressed. I took the serious nature of this crisis to WMC ER. My son was given compassion & proper treatment.
I have been a patient, as has been my great-grandson. WMC to our estimation is the finest hospital in the area. Please, don't allow one of the mega managers to control it."

Peg Kelly
"I have worked @WMC, been a patient here, watched grandchildren be born here. I would be sad to see it taken over as part of a larger group. It would lose the family feel."

Christine Dorrance
"Please, please don't sell!!! You will go down hill faster than you realize!! One of the reasons WMC is so strong is because you are separate, you are not owned by a corporation. You are not one of the many 'numbers' that a corporation is looking at to see how much more money you can make for them. How we can run with fewer employees, except at the VP level of course. Corporations run better the more VPs etc they have… SMH.
Your employees buy into what you stand behind now and they make it great!! Once you sell, it is all about the money and the patient nor the employee will matter. Both the patient and the employee can feel that. You will loose what made WMC so great in the first place."

Sandra Weakley
"Please do not sell this hospital to the highest bidder… we all know what happens. WMC as we know it will be lost forever. Gone will be the hometown feel that our families have come to know and love. I hope the bureaucrats of Williamson County will realize what a terrible mistake this would be! Please vote NO!!!"

Kay Beard