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We use the most advanced medical technology to ensure the best experience and outcome possible.

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Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee

Tennessee’s Destination for Outstanding Orthopaedic Surgical Care

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“When we got to Williamson Medical Center, they were waiting for me. They knew exactly what to do.”

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Our surgeons will get you back on your feet quickly through our Accelerated Recovery Program.

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Everything you need, from primary care to surgery to pulmonary and sleep medicine.

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We bring top-notch pediatric emergency, medical services, and inpatient care to Williamson County.

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When you need expert medical care, we have multiple clinic locations in Williamson County.

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Named one of America's Best Breast Centers for the second year in a row.

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We know that bringing a new life into this world is a precious and amazing miracle!

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Our favorite stories come from patients

Bryan and Tammy say our CCU saved their wedding

The staff in your CCU were so kind and caring, but also very proficient at what they do. Thanks to them, I made it home 2 days before my wedding. My life could have been completely different had it not been for them. I am so grateful.

- Tammy Hooper

Former CCU patient

We Rank in The 91st Percentile of HCAHPS National Average Scores

The following chart reflects our HCAHPS physician communication score as compared to national average of 82%. 94% of respondents said our physicians treated them with courtesy and respect.

75% over percent top box score