Williamson Medical Center Invests in the Latest Precision MRI Technology

FRANKLIN, Tenn. – Williamson Medical Center recently invested in the latest generation of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and to make structural renovations related to housing the new equipment. The new 3.0 Tesla, wide bore MRI offers double the strength of the typical MRI, which results in exceptional detail in imaging and faster scan times. The 3.0T MRI is now the gold standard for many forms of diagnostic imaging. Williamson Medical Center is the only facility in the county to offer the diagnostic advancement.

“We are very pleased to offer this cutting edge technology to our patients. Ensuring patients have access to the most advanced diagnostic technology is a critical part of our commitment to provide the highest quality care to our region,” said Julie Miller, chief operating officer for Williamson Medical Center. “Smart, patient-centered investments like this have enabled us to grow into a premier regional medical center, and the place that our community counts on to deliver the very best care possible.”

The new wide bore 3.0T MRI system addresses patient demand for a better and more comfortable scanning experience. In particular, the new patient-friendly design accommodates patients who are usually difficult to scan, such as larger, claustrophobic, elderly or very young patients, or those who are in pain and require a larger imaging system.

According to James Phelps, Williamson Medical Center’s director of radiology, the new 3.0T MRI system has a number of significant benefits to patients. “The new system offers a wider and shorter bore or opening and is much more comfortable for patients, particularly those who are claustrophobic,” said Phelps. “It offers improved sensitivity, exceptional resolution and detail which allows the radiologist to identify smaller lesions and smaller anatomical structures than typical 1.5T MRI systems.”

“Double the signal strength and a greatly improved signal to noise ratio allows a 3.0T MRI to provide extremely clear and vivid images,” he said. The 3.0T MRI acquires data faster, decreasing overall scan time. Both are of great value to the patient in terms of diagnosis and comfort.

The 3.0T MRI is stronger, faster, higher quality, and offers better clarity, making it a highly preferable option for the diagnosis of complex conditions, particularly in the breast, brain, abdomen, spine, and prostate.

“We strive to make every part of the diagnostic imaging experience as pleasant and convenient as possible,” said Phelps. “Our high-quality services are available at the medical center and in other conveniently located outpatient locations. Additionally, all imaging exams are digital allowing images and imaging reports to be recalled quickly and easily at any time.”

Williamson Medical Center is proud to be accredited by the American College of Radiology in computed tomography (CT), ultrasound, nuclear medicine and as a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence in mammography, breast ultrasound and percutaneous breast biopsy.

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