Statistics show that joint replacement and spinal surgery patients have better outcomes if they have been educated prior to their surgery. Williamson Medical Center’s Joint & Spine Center has made it easier than ever to get that important pre-operative education by making educational videos of our classes. We hope you enjoy and learn some of the things that will help make your surgery a success.

Hip Replacement Class


Knee Replacement Class


Spine Surgery Class

I had hardly any movement in my hip joint before I had it replaced. Now I have a range of motion that is unbelievable compared to where I was before.

- Carol Ferrell

Double hip replacement recipient

My doctor brought up using the robot for my hip replacement. I trusted him and he did a great job. It’s amazing living without pain. I walk two to three miles every morning now. It’s my way of staying healthy.

- Walter Egan

Hip replacement recipient

The stuff I could do pretty quickly after my hip replacement was astounding. I had my first hip done and at my 8-week appointment, I was like OK, let's do the other one. Let’s fix it, too.

- Nancy Holland

Double hip replacement recipient