About Lymphedema

Lymphedema can be primary, which is a congenital malformation or decreased number of lymph nodes, or secondary, which is acquired oftentimes from surgery to remove lymph nodes, radiation and trauma. Both require extensive therapy and maintenance.

Certified Lymphedema Therapists

As part of the Williamson Medical Center’s Physical Therapy department, our lymphedema therapists have completed the comprehensive 135-hour certification course, which make them the most highly trained Certified Lymphedema Therapists.

Because Lymphedema is a lifelong, chronic condition, the appropriate therapy is crucial to minimizing the side effects, which include excessive swelling, tissue hardening, recurring infections, pain and loss of mobility.


The gold standard for lymphedema management is Complete Decongestive Therapy, which is a two-phase treatment that must be performed by a licensed therapist. Once certain benchmarks are achieved, we help the patient through their self-maintenance phase that includes skin care, compression garments and self-bandaging.

Conveniently located at Tollgate Medical Plaza

Our therapy clinic in Tollgate Medical Plaza is easily accessible from both I-840 and I-65 as well as the communities south of Franklin. We are on the ground floor of the facility and parking is conveniently located right at our front door. We know managing lymphedema is hard enough, so we’ve taken great measures to ensure the therapy process is easy and convenient. To make an appointment, please obtain an order from your physician.

If you or your physician have questions, call 615.435.5321.