The Nurse Residency Program at Williamson Medical Center is designed to support your transition as a new graduate nurse to the bedside nursing practice. The education and support you receive will help you continue to develop your skills while using research-based evidence linked to positive outcomes.

The 12-month program offers a recruitment bonus structure from the date of entry into the nurse resident program as follows:

  • Successful completion of six (6) months in the program, $1,000 less applicable taxes
  • Successful completion of six (1) year in the program, $2,000 less applicable taxes
  • Successful completion of six (2) years in the program, $3,000 less applicable taxes

Program Design

In your first year, the program design aims for you to:

  • Build on your skills related to clinical judgment and performance.
  • Provide clinical nursing leadership at the point of care.
  • Strengthen your commitment to nursing as a professional career choice.
  • Create an individual development plan for your new clinical role.
  • Provide care using research-based evidence linked to positive outcomes.

Program Curriculum

The program curriculum provides an array of learning opportunities with skill development.

  • Classroom orientation training
  • Rotation to ancillary departments
  • Individualized three-month preceptorship
  • Learning experiences to help the new nurse develop crucial skills related to their area of practice

Residency Schedule

The Nurse Residency Program is usually offered 2-3 times per year.

  • Winter
  • Summer
  • Fall (if available)

Eligibility/Application/Interview Process

Eligibility to apply to the program requires meeting one of the following:

  1. A nursing student with an expected graduation date in the semester immediately prior to the start of the Nurse Resident Program.
  2. A nursing school graduate with less than one year of nursing experience.
  • It is recommended to apply at the beginning of the last semester before graduation.
  • Applications are accepted continuously on the WMC careers page.
  • Panel interviews are conducted for the selection process.

For further information, please contact:

Dena Lloyd
HR Generalist
(615) 435-5105

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Marisol Fawehinmi

It has been a great experience working here, and I try to make sure that new employees have the same experience here! I always enjoy having the opportunity to mentor and be a resource to new employees and make them feel at ease.

- Marisol Fawehinmi