Accredited Joint and Spine Center

If you’re considering a joint replacement surgery or are in need of back surgery, here’s the first question you need to answer: Do you really want to drive all the way to downtown Nashville when you can receive the same high level of care right here in Williamson County?

Middle Tennessee’s best orthopaedic surgeons work closely with our compassionate, highly trained nurses and staff at Williamson Medical Center’s Joint and Spine Center that has been accredited by The Joint Commission, to provide patients with an experience that is second to none. Click here to read more about our joint and spine accreditation.

Since 1998, Williamson Medical Center’s Joint and Spine Center has grown tremendously from the number of beds to the breadth of orthopedic joint replacement surgeries and complex spine surgeries to the state-of-the-art technology and Accelerated Recovery Program.

Robotic-Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery

The RIO Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopaedic System allows surgeons perform total hip and partial knee replacements with unparalleled precision. RIO allows knee and hip replacement to have smaller incisions, less painful recovery time and increased joint functionality. Learn more about RIO.

Surgical Suites at WMC

From our absolute cleanliness to our spacious rooms to our advanced technology and equipment, our recently expanded surgical suites are second to none in Middle Tennessee. As a leading surgery solutions provider, Williamson Medical Center has made it our top priority to always provide our patients with the safest environment and our surgeons with the best technology. Click here to read more about our surgery suites.

Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR)

Williamson Medical Center is participating in a Medicare initiative called the Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) model. The CJR model aims to promote quality and financial accountability for care surrounding lower-extremity joint replacement (LEJR) procedures, commonly referred to as hip and knee replacements and/or other major leg procedures.

The following physicians are participating in the CJR Model:

Scott Arthur, M.D.  

Ian Byram, M.D. 

Cory Calendine, M.D.  

Ronald Derr, M.D. 

John Klekamp, M.D. 

Jeffrey Kutsikovich, M.D.

Colin Looney, M.D.

Michael McNamara, M.D. 

Brian Perkinson, M.D. 

Christopher Stark, M.D.

Paul Thomas, M.D. 

Geoffrey Watson, M.D. 

Todd Wurth, M.D.




Blue Distinction® Centers met overall quality measures for patient safety and outcomes, developed with input from the medical community. Blue Distinction® Centers+ also met cost measures that address consumers’ need for affordable healthcare. Individual outcomes may vary. National criteria is displayed on A Local Blue Plan may require additional criteria for facilities located in its own service area. To find out which services and providers (including hospital based physicians) are covered under your policy, or to learn about Local Blue Plan Criteria, contact your Local Blue Plan; and contact your provider before making an appointment to verify its current Network and Blue Distinction Centers status. Each hospital’s Cost Index is calculated separately, based on data from its Local Blue Plan. Hospitals in portions of CA, ID, NY, PA, and WA may lie in areas served by two Local Blue Plans, resulting in two Cost Index figures; and their own Local Blue Plans decide whether all hospitals in these areas must meet Blue Distinction Centers+ national criteria for one or both Cost Index figures. Neither Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association nor any Blue Plans are responsible for damages, losses, or non-covered charges resulting from Blue Distinction or other provider finder information or care received from Blue Distinction or other providers. To find out more, contact your Local Blue Plan.

The whole hospital experience at Williamson Medical Center was the best I’ve ever had. The pain is gone.

- Joel Shaver

Hip Replacement Patient

I had hardly any movement in my hip joint before I had it replaced. Now I have a range of motion that is unbelievable compared to where I was before.

- Carol Ferrell

Double hip replacement recipient

My doctor brought up using the robot for my hip replacement. I trusted him and he did a great job. It’s amazing living without pain. I walk two to three miles every morning now. It’s my way of staying healthy.

- Walter Egan

Hip replacement recipient


Click HERE to watch our Joint & Spine Center Pre-Op Educational videos