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Naming and Recognition Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the More For You Close to Home campaign! See below for an up-to-date list of available naming and recognition opportunities.

For questions or to select an opportunity, contact Leigh Williams.

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Multiple Opportunities Available

Naming Opportunity Amount Department Status
West Tower $6,250,000 West Tower Available
Atrium $3,000,000 West Tower Available
4th Floor – ICU $3,000,000 ICU Available
2nd Floor – Obstetrics $3,000,000 OB/NICU Available
Emergency Room $3,000,000 Emergency Room Available
Behavioral Health Pod $2,500,000 Emergency Room Available
NICU $2,500,000 OB/NICU Available
3rd Floor – Observation Unit $1,000,000 Observation Unit Available
5th Floor – Medical/Surgical $1,000,000 Med/Surg – 5th Floor Available
6th Floor – Medical/Surgical $1,000,000 Med/Surg – 6th Floor Available
Main Conference Room $500,000 West Tower Available
West Tower Lobby $500,000 OB/NICU Available
Well Baby Nursery $500,000 OB/NICU Available
C-section Operating Room* $500,000 OB/NICU Available
ER Lobby $500,000 Emergency Room Available
Childbirth Education Room $250,000 OB/NICU Claimed
Physicians’ Workroom $250,000 Emergency Room Available
Waiting Area $250,000 Med/Surg – 6th Floor Available
Waiting Area $250,000 Med/Surg – 5th Floor Available
Bridge to Main $250,000 Observation Unit Available
Waiting Area $250,000 ICU Available
Bridge to Main $250,000 OB/NICU Available
Physicians’ Workroom $250,000 OB/NICU Available
Nurses’ Station $100,000 Observation Unit Available
Nurses’ Station $100,000 ICU Available
Conference Room $100,000 Med/Surg – 5th Floor Available
Physician Dictation Room $100,000 Med/Surg – 5th Floor Available
Physician Dictation Room $100,000 ICU Available
Nurses’ Station $100,000 Med/Surg – 5th Floor Available
Nurses’ Station $100,000 Emergency Room Available
Physician Dictation Room $100,000 Med/Surg – 6th Floor Available
Nurses’ Station $100,000 Med/Surg – 6th Floor Available
Nurses’ Station $100,000 OB/NICU Available
NICU Education Room $100,000 OB/NICU Available
LDR Hydrotherapy Room $75,000 OB/NICU Available
Physical Therapy Room $50,000 Med/Surg – 5th Floor Claimed
Trauma Room* $50,000 Emergency Room Available
LDR Room* $50,000 OB/NICU Available
X-Ray Room $50,000 Emergency Room Available
Ultrasound Room $50,000 Emergency Room Available
Patient Room* $25,000 ICU Available
Patient Room* $25,000 Med/Surg – 6th Floor Available
Postpartum Room* $25,000 OB/NICU Available
Patient Room* $25,000 Med/Surg – 5th Floor Available
Exam Room* $25,000 Emergency Room Available
Patient Room* $25,000 Observation Unit Available
Consultation Room $20,000 OB/NICU Available
Consultation Room $20,000 Emergency Room Available
Consultation Room $20,000 Med/Surg – 5th Floor Available
Discharge Planning Room $20,000 OB/NICU Available
Large Family Room $20,000 ICU Available
Consultation Room $20,000 Med/Surg – 6th Floor Available
Quiet Enclave $10,000 Med/Surg – 5th Floor Available
Small Family Room $10,000 ICU Claimed
Quiet Enclave $10,000 Med/Surg – 6th Floor Claimed