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Scrub Tech-Perinatal

Nursing Support



Formal Education / Training:
1.  Graduate of high school or equivalent.
2.  Previous surgical tech training and/or experience desired.
3.  Scrub tech certification required
4.  CPR within 90 days of hire

Workplace Experience:       
Perinatal Health Care Team

Equipment and Skills Training:  
The ability to work efficiently, compassionately, independently and be flexible in applying basic surgical knowledge in a variety of settings.  Equipment:  Network Computer System, “Intran”, Phototherapy Lights (Bililights and Biliblanket), Ohio NICU, Doppler, Flash Autoclave, Infant Security System, Newborn Photo Service Equipment, AT&T Language Line.

Physical Environment: 
Twelve-bed unit with five LDRP rooms, fourteen bassinets, two outpatient  test evaluation rooms, one delivery/cesarean section room.

Physical Effort:  
1.  Able to communicate in English both verbally and legibly.
2.  Able to stand and walk twelve hours a day.
3.  Able to lift with assistance up to 250 lbs.


To support, implement, and monitor care in a timely and accurate manner. 

1. Maintain sterile surgical environment.
2. Assure proper use and cleansing of all surgical instruments, equipment, and supplies.
3. Performs appropriate sharps, softs, and instrument counts.
4. Performs appropriate cleansing and restocking of CS/Delivery Suite and LDRPs after use.
5. Arrange and set up all delivery tables, monitors, and delivery room in anticipation of next delivery.
6. Assists with patient teaching, discharge and post-discharge needs as appropriate for patient population.
7. Functions independently with treatments, procedures and equipment appropriate to areas evidence by adherence to policy, procedure and competency based assessment and no pattern or trend of problem.
8. Monitors and reports patient’s condition evaluate patient response to treatment and report changes to team leader appropriately and in a timely manner.
9. Documents legibly with correct abbreviations on correct forms in a timely manner.
10. Maintains position specific qualifications.
11. Facilitates staff development.
12. Demonstrates responsibility for assigned communications.
13. Demonstrates responsibility for cost containment.
14. Assists the physician in the scrub tech role by passing instruments, anticipating needs, and planning for unexpected events.
15. Handles/ transports medications/ solutions safely and in accordance with hospital and departmental policies and procedures.